About this Photographic Guide

This "Photographic Guide" comprises the photos taken by the KBS members. Illustrated photos have been taken in the whole areas covering Hachioji and Hino Cities that include part of the Tama River as well as its armlets, the Ooguri River and Yaji River. Accordingly, as used in this Book, the term "Asakawa Watershed" means "whole areas of Hachioji and Hino Cities," which please note.

We intend to assort photos of individual species by male/female, summer/winter plumage, and the characteristic behaviors and surrounding environment of the species. We are beefing up the current number of illustrated photos to achieve the ends.

An indication of the "difficulty lank of observing the species for ordinary people in the Asakawa Watershed" is provided for each species with five levels 1 to 5 - the more difficult as the number increases. Since the indicated level depends on the time of year, location, and weather, it should be regarded as a rough indication. The birds with the levels up to 3 would be the objects for ordinary birding.


How to use this Guide

y1. Choose the Display Method of the Bird's Name List z
First, choose the display method of the bird's name list on the "bird's name list" column shown on the left of the computer screen. The default bird's name list is in "classification order." Proceed to the next item if it is your choice. If you click the column, the display method changes to the "alphabetical order."
If you want to return to the "classification order," click the column again.

y2. Choose the bird of your choice to display a descriptive screen of the speciesz
 Click the bird of your choice on the left side menu to display a descriptive screen of the species and thumbnail-size images on the right side main screen. For your reference, the 5 difficulty levels to find the species (an analog indication at the Asakawa River watershed) is provided - the difficulty level increases as the number increases. A seasonal classification is also provided with designations such as residents, summer birds and winter birds. The designation applies only to the Asakawa River watershed, and it may not apply in different places in Japan.

y3. To display a magnified photoz
Click the thumbnail-size image of your choice to show a magnified photo on the main screen. The screen shows the relevant photographer's comments and data such as the date when the photo was taken, etc. Press a button on the screen to return to a descriptive screen. Press button to move to the next photo.

y4. To display a different birdz
 If you want to move to a different species, click your choice of bird on the left side menu of the screen.