No.909 Chinese Hwamei Garrulax canorus


Rank : 1
Introduced (Resident)
An alienspecies originated in south-eastern China. The plumage is mostlyreddish-brown, and a white ring around the eye extends backwards as a whitestripe.  The song is a loud varied whistling with imitations of other birds.Though it is not known exactly how the bird was introduced to Japan, itshabitat has rapidly been expanding, and the bird is a common resident now inAsakawa River basin. Takiyama Hills, and toMt. Jimba, Mt. Kagenobu, Kobotoke-Shiroyama Hills and Mt. Takao during1999`2001. Further penetration to the whole Tama Hills area was observedduring 2002`2004.  

Chinese Hwamei (Adult)

Chinese Hwamei (Foraging)

Chinese Hwamei (Singing)

Chinese Hwamei (Close-up)