No.610 Meadow Bunting Emberiza cioides


Rank : 1
Commonresident in open lowlands, fields and riverbanks throughout the year.Chestnut crown, black face (brown in Female), white eyebrow, malar area, andthroat. During the breeding season, Male is often seen singing on the tip oftall grass and exposed perch; sometimes the bird sings in autumn, too. Thereare some kinds of onomatopoeia of the birdfs song replaced with meaningfulJapanese words, e.g. ggenpei-tutuji, shiro-tutujih literally meaning gGenpeiazalea, white azaleah; gIppitsu-keijou-tsukamatsuri-soroh gThis is to informyou thath; and gSapporo ramen, miso ramenh gSapporo noodles, Bean-pastenoodlesh. Call is clear and metallic chi-chi, different from monosyllabictzit or tzee of Black-faced Bunting.

Meadow Bunting (Adult‰)

Meadow Bunting  (AdultŠ)

Meadow Bunting (Singing)

Meadow Bunting (Carrying food)