No.525 Naumann's Thrush Turdus naumanni


Rank : 2
Winter Visitor
Most common winter visitor to Asakawa River basinlike other large thrushes. With its abundant presence, the species, togetherwith Daurian Redstart, etc., heralds winter is just around the corner. Thespecies usually stay in this area from November to the beginning of May nextyear. Male and Female alike, and difficult to distinguish between the two.The amount of black on underparts varies from mere streaks to broadbreastband. On the ground, the speciesf gwalk-and-stoph walking style ischaracteristic.

Naumann's Thrush (Adult)

Naumann's Thrush (Foraging)

Naumann's Thrush (Back Shot)

Naumann's Thrush (Just before Leaving)