No.492 Oriental Reed Warbler Acrocephalus orientalis


Rank : 2
Summer Visitor
This species,who sings ket-ket-shi in reedbeds at the beginning of summer with its mouthwide open, is sometimes called ggyo-gyo-shihin Japanese. The firstrecognition of this species in the Asakawa River basin every year is betweenmid-April and the beginning of May. Since the bird stops singing andretreats to thickets after the breeding season, the time for leaving herefor the south is not defined; however, we presume the time for migration tothe south is from the latter half of September to the first half of October,based on our observation recorded on October 6.

Oriental Reed Warbler (Adult)

Oriental Reed Warbler (Singing)

Oriental Reed Warbler (Before Migration to the South)