No.485 Japanese White-eye Zosterops japonicus


Rank : 1
One of themost popular birds in Japan; common resident in wooded lowland hills; alsoparks and gardens in winter. Bright olive-green above, which we callguguisuh (Japanese Bush-Warbler)-colour, although actual guguisuhs plumageis somber olive-brown; white eye-ring, to which its name owe.   In thebreeding season, Male sings fast in the treetops or on electric wires. Thereare some kinds of onomatopoeia of the birdfs song replaced with meaningfulJapanese words. The following will be the most polular one:  gChobei,Chubei, Cho-Chubeih (Two of the three words are our first names in oldentimes). Call is a bell-like chwee or tzee.

Japanese White-eye (Adult)

Japanese White-eye (Eye-ring)

Japanese White-eye (With Persimmon)