No.461 Asian House Martin Delichon dasypus


Rank : 2
Summer Visitor
Although not as commonly known as Barn Swallow,Asian House-Martin is a common summer visitor to spend breeding periodhere. At first glance, the bird resembles Barn Swallow, but, with shallowforked tail, Asian House-Martin looks a bit dumpy; white rump andunderparts are conspicuous in flight. In Asakawa River basin, it comesover a bit later and leaves a bit earlier than Barn Swallow here. Nestscolonially under bridges and elevated structures; big colonies are usuallyfound at the Ichiban Bridge, Ohwada Bridge, and Asakawa Bridge as well asat the Hachioji Railroad Station and Takaosanguchi Station, but thecolonies are not permanent and vary from year to year.

Asian HouseMartin (In Flight)

A fledgling seen under the Ohwada Bridge; Still not fully fledged yet. Lovely eyes gazing at something.

Asian HouseMartin (Collecting mud for nest )

Asian House Martin and Eurasian Tree Sparrow