No.457 Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica


Rank : 1
Summer Visitor
@One of our familiar birds in Japan, the speciesmake nests colonially under eaves in early spring. They migrate fromSoutheast Asian countries to Asakawa River basin around March, and, afterbreeding, go back to the south from August to September. Our Kawasemi-KaiSociety made surveys of the species'  nesting in 2001 and 2002 in thewhole area of both Hachioji City and Hino City, when a total of 2,204nests were confirmed in the area. The nests were made of kneaded mud andstraws; roughly half of the nests were built in conventional homes.Immatures and their parent birds form large roosts among reeds in dryriver beds at night. Our Society has been investigating on the roostingsites since mid-90s, and confirmed several sites in Tamagawa River basin.Some of the large roosting sites attract over 20,000 birds, and the sceneof huge number of the species roosting in the evening is an impressivesight to see.

Barn Swallow (Immatures)

Barn Swallow (Nest and Chicks)

Barn Swallow (Carrying mud for nest)

Barn Swallow (Roosting)