No.358 Common Buzzard Buteo buteo>


Rank : 2
A large hawkof similar size to a Black Kite.  Looks for prey|small rodents, frogs,snakes, insects, birds|perching on trees and branches, or hovering above.One theory goes that the hawkfs Japanese name gNo-surih derives from the wayof the speciesf hunting|diving from above to any prey on the field. @We findCommon Buzzard less often than Black Kite at Hachioji. Compared with BlackKite, Common Buzzard tends to prefer hills and mountains for its habitat.Such areas as used to be called gSato-yamah | hills and lower mountains nearthe human habitation|have been decreasing due to land development, resultingin a marked decrease of the speciesf habitats.

Common Buzzard (Adult)

Common Buzzard (in Flight)

Common Buzzard (Mobbing)

Common Buzzard (Foraging)