No.357 Grey-faced Buzzard-eagle Butastur indicus


Rank : 3
Passage Migrant
The species isfamous for its migrating in large flocks from Irago Misaki in AtsumiPeninsula and Sata Misaki in Kagoshima Prefecture to the south. During itsmigration season, the species is seen passing through Asakawa River basin.We at Kawasemi-Kai have been conducting observational research of themigration of this species every year between end-September and the beginningof October at several observation spots in this area. According to ourrecord, the migration has been observed on some days as many as over onehundred, showing this area is one of the migratory flight paths of thespecies. The species breeds in woodland not far from populated area,although the breeding has been declining because of the regionaldevelopment. The species is classified as gEndangered Species IIh in the RedData Book of Ministry of the Environment.

Grey-faced Buzzard-eagle (in Flight)