No.038 Teal Anas crecca


Rank : 2
Winter Visitor
A common winter visitor to the main stream and armlets of Asakawa River; usually the first duck visitor among all kinds of duck (in the latter half of September) that remains as late as May nextyear. As its Japanese name (gKo-gamoh for gLittle Duckh) suggests, the species is one of the smallest ducks in Japan. Male whistles cryc orcreelycc, not loud but very clear, signalling its presence. Decrease in about ten years. However, at Kawaguchi-gawaRiver, one of the armlets of Asakawa River, observation number has been on somewhat increasing trend, and the rate of decrease is less in YudonogawaRiver than in Asakawa River and other armlets.

Teal (Adult )

Teal (Adult )

Water-Surface Foraging